James Salter

Regulator Bookshop–About James Salter’s latest collection of 10 short stories, Michael Knight of The Washington Post wrote, “These stories should be read and savored for that reason alone.” Salter, perhaps best known for his work with A Sport and a Pastime, writes about human relationships in agonizing detail, chronicling reunions, breaks and the times spent between in a remarkably wealthy prose. He reads at 7 p.m.



CAT’S CRADLE–Why is Nick Carter, aka Murs, so pissed off? Look at him on the cover of his latest, Murray’s Revenge, and in the five pictures in the liner notes. The dude doesn’t break a grin (he does smile in the CD tray shot), and it looks like he’s about to break somebody. But that doesn’t seem like Murs’ style: Instead, he’s fierce with the mic, a lucid rhymer capable of spitting a yarn, showing you his skills and making you love verse-heavy hip hop for the finesse. This is his second album produced exclusively by Little Brother beatman 9th Wonder, and some of these beats are some of his best head-nod trips to date. Supreeme and Beetnix open the $10-12 show at 9:30 p.m.