Bull City Writes!
Broad Street CaféThe entrepreneurial spirit never ceases in the Durham underground. The versatile room for happenings known as Bull City Headquarters was founded last spring by a half-dozen Durham musicians and artists (including a couple who have been associated with this newspaper). Occupying a modest storefront in a shabby block just off Durham’s downtown, the space was intended to be a just-add-people-and-mix sort of performance space. Tonight, there will be a brainstorming session for a new publishing venture, and all interested writers are invited to attend. According to the organizers, the plans include a “small-scale political arts ‘zine to be published in the spring.” The meeting runs 7-9 p.m. and will take place, not at BCHQ but at Broad Street Café, 1116 Broad St.. For more information, e-mail bullcityhq@gmail.com. David Fellerath