GALAXY CINEMAMarilyn Monroe may be an upper-level goddess in the pantheon of American popular culture, but she isn’t remembered often enough for her very real comic skills. Of the handful of good movies she made, there is none better than Billy Wilder’s Some Like It Hot. To be sure, she often showed up to the set in poor shape and had to be spoon-fed her lines through dozens of takes. But it is the end result that matters. As for Wilder’s charmed sex farce, it demonstrates that gayness in movies could be a lot of fun when it wasn’t officially permitted. Catch it on 35mm at the Galaxy Cinema this week, as the final installment of the theater’s spring classics series. Visit Fellerath

Chapel Hill
LOCAL 506The latest hip-hop trend is as antithetical to gangsta rap as possible: nerdcore. Word-savvy geeks are making a play for all those bored suburban teens, and MC Frontalot leads the pack. Humorous in a way rap hasn’t been for years, Frontalot riffs on a wide range of everyday maladies (Internet porn, getting older, indie credibility), dropping pop culture references (Ralph Macchio, e-mail scams) and offering cockeyed perspectives (“I Heart Fags,” “Romantic Cheapskate”) in a syllable-rich flow. Silly, but enjoyable enough. Tickets are $8 for a 9 p.m. start. Chris Parker