Chapel Hill
UNC CAMPUSTed Turner will be in Chapel Hill today to be interviewed by Pat Mitchell, former PBS president. Turner turned his father’s small-time billboard business into a television empire, starting with Turner Broadcasting Systems and climaxing with CNN, the first 24-hour news network. Along the way, he cultivated a swashbuckling, Howard Hughes-like image, defending the America’s Cup on his yacht Courageous in 1977 and purchasing the Atlanta Braves baseball club. In his long retirement since selling his media holdings to Time Warner in 1995, he continues to tilt noisily at windmills (“Christianity is a religion for losers,” he once said) and married one of the most polarizing women of his generation, Jane Fonda. This afternoon, Turner will discussing his work, life and philanthropic projects. The event is sponsored by the Frey Foundation Professorship of UNC. The occasion begins at 4 p.m. in Memorial Hall on the campus of the university. Admission is free, but parking is limited. Call 843-6339 or 962-8589 for more information. Ashley Roberts