NCSU D.H. HILL LIBRARYAlthough separated by nearly 150 years, the fear, determination, frustration and pride on the soldiers’ faces in photography exhibit The American Soldier remain eerily the same from the battlefields of the Civil War to the urban jungle of Iraq. The 116 enlarged photographs of the show have been curated by N.C. State grad Cyma Rubin, who produced the television documentary Moment of Impact: Stories of the Pulitzer Prize Photographs. Ten wars are featured in the show alongside evolving photographic styles and technology, although the most touching photos may be the farewell and homecoming shots of tearful group hugs. The free exhibition runs on N.C. State’s campus through Jan. 11, 2008. For more info, visit www.lib.ncsu.edu/exhibits/americansoldier. Karlie Justus