Here’s everything you need to know to get you through this Thursday.

1. Donald Trump came to North Carolina again, and protesters disrupted his rally, again.

Trump rallies are dangerous places to be these days, and while I like to think Raleigh protesters were the first to disrupt a Trump-tour speech, folks in Fayetteville, where Trump spoke to a packed house, did a handy job of it last night too. Unfortunately Trump’s supporters are quite literally fighting back now.

But before the rally, some North Carolina lawmakers and, randomly, a congressman from Minnesota took the opportunity to “blast Trump on security issues” while stumping for N.C. GOP-hero/national-GOP-electorate proven loser Marco Rubio, who faces a primary in his home state of Florida on Tuesday.

U.S. Rep. John Kline of Minnesota, N.C. Rep. Jason Saine of Lincolnton and N.C. Sen. Andrew Brock of Mocksville, all Republicans, held a news conference at the state Capitol to criticize Trump’s candidacy.

Rubio, Kline said, “will take care of our men and women in uniform and make sure their sacrifices are not in vain. I can’t say that about the other candidates.”

Kline added that he’s concerned by Trump’s recent comments, which included a proposal to kill family members of terrorists.

“He was going to give illegal orders to our military officers,” Kline said.

Another speaker, retired Maj. Gen. Hugh Overholt, didn’t mention Trump by name but said Americans should “beware of prophets who speak in glittering generalities – they will accomplish nothing.”

“Go with the person who has a proven track record,” Overholt said, referring to Rubio.

Saine said the presidential campaign is “not a game show,” and he worries about Trump’s lack of support for Israel.

“I’m sure that there are people in Israel who cannot believe that we have a front-runner that believes he shouldn’t even take a side in the Palestinian-Israeli ordeal,” Saine said. “That’s the wrong way to go.”

That’s all well and good, but Little Marco’s literally one primary away from winning that participation trophy.

In other national news, Hillary and Bernie debated again last night, this time in Miami. Bernie got a standing ovation for his remarks on working people versus Wall Street, and Hillary doesn’t like to be interrupted either.

Hillary is not, in fact, coming to Broughton High School today, but will apparently make an appearance at Hillside High in Durham. And Bernie is coming to the Raleigh’s Memorial Auditorium tomorrow!

2. The North Carolina Republican Party shut off its chairman’s e-mail account.

There’s a primary election in six days, but you wouldn’t know it given the way North Carolina Republican party officials are squabbling among themselves. NC GOP executive director Dallas Wood house was accused of shutting down the email account of party chariman Hasan Harnett. In an angry letter to Woodhouse, accountant Greg Fornshell and “hundreds of GOP bigwigs across the state,” according to the conservative Daily Haymaker blog, Harnett does not hold back, accusing them of everything from hazing to racism:

[…] Mr. Woodhouse/Fornshell, I am politely requesting you turn my NCGOP Google email immediately back on. I know you have disabled my Google Email account through Computer Plumber. I have called Greg Fornshell and sent text messages but he remains silent. I had also visited the NCGOP Headquarters in Raleigh and apparently Greg Fornshell slipped out of the office ahead of my arrival. I have contacted the Computer Plumber company who services our email account and they said I need to talk with Greg Fornshell. Pretty interesting. Who gave the command? From my perspective, it’s the same old playbook and routine. Dallas, since you run the staff I know you gave the command to Greg Fornshell to disable my account.

Greg Fornshell, you can hide behind the covering of Dallas Woodhouse because he told you to do it. Dallas, the question remains will you also hide behind Tom Starks, General Counsel of the NCGOP to attempt to usurp his authority again and again over me? Or was it the current Central Committee staying on their talking points to make another bogus decision against me? Evidently, having closed door meetings with you does not work because either you brush me off or you just don’t listen. Why are you playing these silly games? Is this a joke or something?Dallas

Why would you stoop so low as to disable the Chairman’s NCGOP Google Email account? Why are fighting me? I have brought sound ideas to the table and have bent over backwards to make great things happen for all of us at the NCGOP. It is apparent that my sincere help and service to the Republican Party is not appreciated or welcomed by you and the Central Committee. It is apparent that you and the Central Committee want to do your own thing by working around me as oppose to working with me.

Is the reason why my account is disabled because you and the Central Committee do not want me to succeed as Chairman of the North Carolina Republican Party? Or will you try to hide behind a some bogus email virus attack to explain why my account is disabled? As Chairman, I require full access to my email account in order to carry out my day to day duties which includes fundraising so we can get Republicans elected. Therefore, shutting me out of my official NCGOP Google Email is suppose to accomplish what again? I really question your purpose and motive. I mean seriously, is this some form of ritual or hazing you would put the first black Chairman of the NCGOP State Party through? Or is it because I am not white enough for you? You keep pushing the limits. I guess time will only tell what your real plot and schemes are all about against me. No, worries. Like chess, I await your next move. […]

The Daily Haymaker looks to be siding with Woodhouse, given these comments:

So, the chief paid operative of the state GOP has reverted back to his junior high days less than a week before a major election. THIS is all about certain people in a certain clique doing all they can to cling to their “power.” It’s not about growing the GOP. It’s not about pushing a conservative agenda. It’s petty selfishness driven by petty people.

You gotta love all of this African-American outreach.

And they wonder why Donald Trump’s renegade campaign is catching fire …

Black Republicans are not supposed to play the “I’m black” card! Go back to middle-school, Harnett!

According to The N and O, this whole misunderstanding was over a security breach that disabled multiple party accounts, and was resolved yesterday afternoon. Woodhouse said he didn’t inform Harnett of this in a timely manner because he was working on fixing the problem. He said his relationship with Harnett is not “tense” at all.

The NCGOP convention is in May. It should be a barrel of laughs.

3. In other news, Raleigh Capitol police got a new police dog, a German Shepherd named Balu, and he is ready to sniff out Raleigh for bombs. Aw!

Raleigh regular police are investigating the deaths of two men found in a car parked in a Panera Bread parking lot off of Glenwood Avenue. They’re treating the deaths as suspicious, and rightfully so since all the crazy shit is known to go down at the Triangle’s Panera Bread locations.

That’s it. Enjoy the ACC tournament! Enjoy this hot March weather! Thursday is Little Friday!