As most people who listen to WDCG 105.1 FM already know, the station champions diversity in all its broadcasts. Proudly donning the slogan, “Music For All People,” G-105 serves to bridge the culture gap, representing the tastes and interests of various groups of people.

Last Tuesday morning’s “Bob and Madison Showgram” was no exception to this melting-pot policy. The show celebrated the attributes of an all-too-often neglected ethnic group, Mexicans. By introducing a clever new spin on ABC’s Who Wants to be a Millionaire? called “Who Wants to be a Mexican?,” Bob Dumas and Madison Lane sought to bring Mexicans the attention and recognition they deserve.

Much like its Millionaire predecessor, the game show consisted of several multiple-choice questions, each with four possible answers. Drawing on priceless Mexican stereotypes–including regularly exceeding a car’s (defunct models only, please!) passenger capacity, riding in the beds of trucks, the communal frenzy for small change and aversion for work–the questions truly embodied what it is to be Mexican.

Four contestants phoned in and competed against one another for their chance to be granted honorary Mexican status, compliments of the “Assimilation, Integration and Ethnic Status Delegation Board” at WDCG. The competition was fierce and tensions mounted as the final question was asked.

“What do you call four drowning Mexicans?”

Caller Judy’s swift response, “Cuatro Sink-o,” won her the crown.

Bob hosted the show with a deftly authenticated Mexican accent that at times melded African-American, Russian, even Cajun subtleties while maintaining an underlying Southern drawl. Mark Kaye contributed to the show with rollicking laughter that punctuated each joke–uh, I mean question. Madison, on the other hand, remained conspicuously silent, and at the end commented that she thought the game show was stupid. Perhaps she felt slighted that the game ignored African Americans.

Stay tuned next week as “The Bob and Madison Showgram” showcases other Latinos with “Who Wants to be a Puerto Rican?”