Saturday night’s switch to Daylight Savings Time meant the bars got an extra hour of business. To compensate, Bowerbirds didn’t hit the low-sitting Slim’s stage until sometime after 11 p.m., followed by a Megafaun set that began on Sunday morning. Though both bands played solid sets for the sardine-ian crowd, the real treat was reserved for those who made it to the end of the night.

Weed Napall three Bowerbirds and all three Megafauns and Ivan “Rosebud” Howard, plus brief appearances by Birds of Avalon’s Craig Tilley and The Bleeding Hearts Joe Yerryplayed a five-song set that devolved into a drum circle and a strummed acoustic guitar. The band claimed the songs were from upcoming debut Looking for Ticks, but they sounded suspiciously like four Neil Young songs (“Helpless,” “Old Man,” “Cripple Creek Ferry” and “Tell Me Why”) and one Rosebuds song (“Blue Bird,” just segueing into “Maneater” and “Closing Time”).

So, is Weed Nap the Girl Talk of freak-folk? We think so! Grainy, Slim’s-style photos below the break.