This will be old news to some, but as a fellow asked me today who’s going to replace Jack Nichols as chair of the Wake County Democratic Party, the answer is Mack Paul (his pic is

Nichols has his own campaign for Wake County Commissioner ahead and no time to focus on the needs of the many and various Democratic candidates for other state and local offices in Wake. At the Wake Democratic Men’s Club meeting a couple of weeks back, it was announced that he’d resigned and a replacement would be chosen at an executive committee meeting of the party Sept. 14. Mack Paul, who was there, was presented as Nichols’ replacement. Paul didn’t say much, neither did Nichols, but they didn’t need to; everyone there already knew that Nichols asked Paul to take over.

Paul is a real estate lawyer with the giant K & L Gates firm; he’s based in the Raleigh office. He’s had some stinkers for clients. I’m sure he’s had some good ones too that weren’t so controversial. (I try not to judge a lawyer by his/her clients. But for my full disclosure, Mack’s’s doing the lawyering for the FMW rezoning case I wrote about recently that I still don’t think is so hot.) He’s a former counsel and lobbyist for Lt. Gov. Dennis Wicker and for Blue Cross Blue Shield of NC.