Yesterday afternoon, I sat in on an interview with Drive-By Truckers guitarist Patterson Hood for an upcoming documentary about the broad appeal and influence of AC/DC (more on this later). The producer complimented Hood on his shirt, a blue Barack n’ Roll T draped by a jacket. Hood said that, following his show with The Hold Steady at The Lincoln Theatre, the band’s two buses would head north, where they’d park and have a block party of sorts to watch election returns tonight: “Hopefully, it’ll be a celebration, not a drink-your-beer-and-cry type thing.”

It surprised me, then, when Hood emerged for the evening’s show without his T-shirt, instead wearing long sleeves during the sold-out, hot-as-hell gig. What’s more, aside from a mid-song quip about there being no bailout for Main St., he didn’t say anything about today’s election. That said, I left before the encore to drive to Fuquay-Varina (again, more on this later). So did I miss Hood’s political spiel, or did he simply forgo it after donating after giving a political song to his fans and his endorsement to Obama yesterday?

And when has The Hold Steady’s Craig Finn ever been reticent?