PSNC Energy, the only natural-gas provider in the Triangle, has submitted a request (PDF) to the N.C. Utilities Commission asking for a 14-percent decrease in the consumer rate from $1.43 per therm to $1.22 per therm, effective Jan. 1.

What does that mean, for the average man? It would have saved this reporter approx. $11 last month. That would have been awesome.

UPDATE: According to a Public Staff report (PDF) of the N.C. Utilities Commission, average winter therm usage is roughly 78 therms/mo., meaning the proposed PSNC savings would be about $16 a month.

To see for yourself, look at your last heating bill, and multiply therms used by 0.20179 (the proposed change). E.g. 54 therms used x 0.20170 = $11.23 savings.