Update: Check out this ’08 sentiment about oil drilling from Perdue’s opponent, Pat McCrory, who says accidents are a thing of the past (dug up by Adam Linker at The Progressive Pulse).

Cleaning out the old mailbox, found this from June, 2008:

Perdue Statement on Offshore Oil Drilling

“I am 100% opposed to oil drilling off the coast of North Carolina. President Bush has cozied up to the oil companies with tax breaks and all they have given us is $4 dollar a gallon gas, while our focus should be on developing green energy alternatives to reduce our dependence on foreign oil. Offshore drilling would take years to provide any benefit, while just one hurricane or Exxon Valdez incident could destroy North Carolina’s coastline forever along with the economy that depends on it,” said Bev Perdue, candidate for Governor.

Remember how oil drilling offshore was a big issue in the ’08 gubernatorial election?

The Republicans were saying, “Drill, baby, drill.” You don’t hear that as much these days.

Wait. This just in: NC Support for Offshore Drilling Declines.