Following is the packing list of two friends who spent a month in Amsterdam that culminated in the Pride Amsterdam 2004 festival on Aug. 7. The N.C. Pride Weekend runs Friday through Sunday in Raleigh and Durham. For a schedule and more information, go to

Inventory list for Amsterdam box:

Blk men’s Wicked Boots x 2 pair
Black sandals
Brown sandals
Assorted socks, 10 pair
Rust leather belt
Texas Prison Rodeo rattlesnake and leather belt
Eyelet belt
2 pair black leather pants
2 pair black leather chaps
Rust leather pants
Cream leather pants
Denim fishnet side pants
Levis 34/32
Ripstop black pants
Blue velvet pants
Black spandex lace short sleeve shirt
Burgundy paisley with mesh overlay shirt, long sleeve
Long sleeve black spandex shirt
Short sleeve white spandex shirt
Sleeveless black snap front collared shirt
Sleeveless black gauze shirt
Large fishnet silver metallic shirt
Sleeveless black spiderweb shirt, small
Sleeveless blue spiderweb shirt, medium
Long sleeve fishnet tie-dye
Long sleeve fishnet black shirt
Cream gauze pants and shirt
Short sleeve lavender diamond print
Sleeveless black cotton spandex with collar
Sleeveless black striped metallic silver see-thru
Sleeveless red striped metallic silver see-thru
Double mesh sleeveless
Mosaic diamond print sheer cap sleeve shirt
White long sleeve see-thru wavy bottom shirt
Lt blue long sleeve see-thru wavy bottom shirt
Red fishnet inset sleeveless shirt
Sleeveless spandex workout shirt
Fishnet grommet sleeveless charcoal shirt
Queer shirt bold color stripe silk paintbrush