College, college towns, college clubs, college radio: Synergy in megahertz and real-time, that’s what two local W’s are going for this weekend. Duke’s WXDU throws a benefit shindig at Duke Coffeehouse on Saturday, Nov. 19 with Aimee Argote still going as Des Ark solo, goth-theatricals Veronique Diabolique, the whimsy of Opening Flower Happy Bird, and reggae spinning from TNT Sound. UNC’s WXYC takes their weekend party to Local 506 on Sunday, Nov. 20 for the latest installation of its Backyard Bar-B-Q, with free food and free music from three bands who had some of the brightest moments on the Compulation: Volume 2. The plate: Spader dancing in angles, Hotel Motel spewing vitriol, and The Torch Marauder doing more or less whatever it wants. Get there at 8 p.m.