Raleigh rock band The T’s will play The Bassmentthe Glenwood South club that splits its space with The Pourch and sits next to Helioson Wednesday, Dec. 3. The show is sponsored by Red Bull.

From The Bassment’s Web site:

Music that you forgot that you knew the lyrics to including, Air supply and Journey to Beastie Boys De La Sol with a little Aerosmith and Def Leopard thrown in for good measure. At the Bassment they have the best of the past and the current stuff, including: Justin Timberlake, Buck Cherry, Kid Rock, Gwen Stefani and so much more. Our music will cover the past five decades of sing at the top of your lungs, Bounce out of your seat music!

Disaster waiting to happen or a little across-the-aisles Raleigh socializing? We’ll see… Also, The Loners and The Rosebuds at The Pour House Wednesday, too.