In addition to being a quality bargain, the Wake school system’s diversity policy — unless the new school board majority is allowed to get rid of it — also helps Raleigh’s schools be among the least racially segregated of all city school systems in the USA.

So says a Northeastern University study, forwarded by a reader from the Minority News website. (Here is Northeastern’s summary, with a link to the study itself.)

The chart above tells the story: Raleigh is 7th best when it comes to integrating black students and white students (and not all of the six ahead of it are cities with significant black populations); it’s 3rd best in terms of integrating Hispanic students and white students.

Here’s a segment that jumped out at me from the Minority News summary:

* Metropolitan areas with the highest school poverty
rates are concentrated in California and the Deep

* 43 percent of black and Hispanic students attend
schools with poverty rates over 80 percent, compared to
4 percent of white students.

* Even within the same metro areas, black and Hispanic
students attend schools with dramatically higher
poverty rates than whites or Asians.

It was reported here: