We just received this note from Jon Parker, a close friend of Rhonda Robinson’s in the Durham for Obama organization and her ally in the battle for health care reform. Jon is the producer of “A Call for Healthcare Reform,” a short video that features Rhonda’s case.

Greetings —

Just to report that Rhonda suffered a grand mal seizure last evening as she was leaving church. She was rushed to the hospital by ambulance and had two additional seizures through the course of the night. She is home now and resting.

Rhonda was taking her prescribed medication at the time of the seizure’s onset; She meets with a neurologist on Monday to review and hopefully improve her medication and treatment.

She asked me to let folks know what happened.

You can email her at Rhonda@durhamforobama.org or [to her cell phone].

Rhonda met Wendell Potter in Raleigh on Tuesday [Potter, the ex-Cigna executive turned health insurance reformer, spoke to an N.C. Policy Watch audience] and marched afterwards with supporters of healthcare reform to Senator Hagan’s office. She and other activists met with Tony Caravano, Deputy State Director for Senator Hagan, and presented more than 5000 petitions and a video calling for meaningful Healthcare Reform.

Rhonda also indicated that she recently received notice (by mail) that she will now qualify for medicaid for a one year period.

Please keep Rhonda in your heart and in your prayers. She asks that we continue to fight for a robust public option as part of healthcare reform.


– Jon Parker