In between rants about regional transit and why it’s not here yet (and why it won’t be any time soon), let’s pause to celebrate a notable, if small, step forward for Mankind/Raleigh division.

It will take place Friday morning, 8:30 am in front of the Convention Center on Salisbury Street. Mayor Charles Meeker will christen the new downtown circulator bus service, nee the R-Line, which will henceforth follow the route shown from Glenwood South to the downtown loop at 10-15 minute headways. In other words, two buses will travel the route, and if it takes them 25 minutes to make it around, you’ll see the next one come by in no more than 12.5 minutes.

And it’s free.

Hours are good — 7 am to 11 pm M-W; 7 am to 2:15 am Th-Sa; and 1-8 pm Su — when you should be in church.

After 6:30 pm, btw, city sez the R-Line will bulge a bit in the direction(s) of City Market and the Warehouse district, which will have “little, if any, effect” on those 10-15 minute headways, while reaching most of the downtown clubs and restaurants. OK.

The city’s info is here and here.

Next stop, Irregardless. The IHOP. Porter’s. Fraziers. Whoa, I’m thinkin’ crazy, I know.