The appropriately named Birds of Avalon (doesn’t that just sound badass?) gets its splendi-riff-ous edge from the dual guitars of lawfully wed bandmates Paul Siler and Cheetie Kumar. Their axes plow together like a well-oiled big rig one moment just before jackknifing in two directions the next, somehow arriving same-time, same-place at a who-would-have guessed junction–yesteryear hero-rock blaring all the while. Thunderlip is the latest in a series of worthy Wilmington imports, sporting AC/DC snarl, Twisted riffs and Maiden kick, delivered with the awareness that rock won’t save us all, but it may shut us up enough for an hour of revelry. Chicago’s Bang Bang! sports spandex, sex and sweat like they were congenital, and The Graves Brothers Deluxe will boggle your mind. Tis candidate for rock show of the week goes down at Kings on Friday, March 13.