Elon Poll takers gave the folks three choices regarding same-sex marriage: I support gay marriage with full rights; I support civil unions but not full marriage rights; I oppose any legal recognition of same-sex unions.

The result was one-sided in favor of LGBT rights: Fully 33% of those surveyed back same-sex marriages, and another 29% support civil unions.

Add up those opposed to any recognition (34%) plus the “other” answers (2% and no responses (2%), and you have less than 4 in 10 who may want to add an amendment to the state constitution banning same-sex marriage and civil unions.

Sure enough, by 56% to 39%, the respondents said they oppose the amendment.

The poll can be seen here. It includes many other questions, including favorable/unfavorable on Gov. Bev Perdue. (The good news for her is that it’s not that bad.)

it should be noted, though, that this was a survey of N.C. adults — those eligible to vote — not a survey of registered voters, frequent voters or likely voters.

And with the referendum scheduled to take place at the first 2012 primary election, probably in May, the likely electorate could skew strongly Republican. That’s because contested primaries for president and governor are on tap for Republican voters, whereas Democrats will have neither — or so it appears right now.

Thus, this amendment could pass even though a strong majority of North Carolinians don’t want it to pass.