Green Jelly
Volume 11 TavernIf the Dead Milkmen and GWAR met at George Michael’s favorite stall, they would’ve used Green Jelly for lube. Forever immortalized by its claymation video “Three Little Pigs,” the raft of corporate lawsuits relating to its name (originally Green Jello) and its album Cereal Killer, featuring the homicidal Toucan Son of Sam, Green Jelly fills its metal-coated punk with the puerile spirit of Black Flag. The band’s back from a dozen-year hiatus at 8 p.m. Chris Parker

Home Movie Day
NCSU CampusHome Movie Day is simple in conception but complex in scope as people are encouraged to gather together, turn down the lights and screen their old home movies, captured on reels of 8 mm, 16 mm and 35 mm film. The day and the movement to preserve those old reels of celluloid gains increased patronage and importance with each passing year as film buffs and family members recognize the importance of preserving past memories.

With the increased popularity of the event, this year’s national HMD date has been changed from an early August date to one later in October. Marsha Orgeron, program director of NCSU’s film studies, says that the move resulted from a desire to encourage a larger audience. “Many Home Movie Days take place in university towns. The date was moved to a time the university would be populated rather than vacant,” says Orgeron. Still, last year’s HMD left its participants with plenty to laugh at.

Orgeron recalls one film that showed a minor’s experience with nicotine: “Last year we had some footage of a kid smoking a cigarette. We’re talking a 4-year-old. It was all a shtick for the camera (we assume!), but we were all laughing about how that would just never happen nowadays.”

Shake off the dust from your own old reels and bring them to the basement of Caldwell (Room G107) from 1 to 4 p.m. for a peek into your family’s own history vault. Kathy Justice

Monty Warren
Slim’sHappy birthday to Chuck Berry (Oct. 18) and Tom Petty (Oct. 20). Smack between them, we have local bandleader Monty Warren on Oct. 19. By way of celebration, Warren will be playing songs by the first two this night as well as plenty of his own, which wear the mark of both Berry and Petty (and Lennon, Young, Davies, Costello, Westerberg, Earle, etc.). Warren claims to have three rules as a songwriter: Don’t bore the crowd. Be honest and from the heart when you speak. Know when to stop talking. Come out at 10 p.m. and witness him not break ’em for just three bucks. Rick Cornell