Jesus Christ Superstar
Durham Performing Arts CenterBack in high school, I simply could not understand whether Andrew Lloyd Webber thought Jesus was a man. Of this musical I was something of a fanit was kind of subversive and conservatives wanted it banned.

VH-1 ran the 1973 film that had weird tanks in the desertand a bunch of hippies playing Jesus’ converts. Don’t you get me wrong (don’t you get me wrong), it’s still a good show (still a good show). Don’t you get me wrong (don’t you get me wrong). I might still go (might still go) … to Jesus Christ! Superstar!

It’s at DPAC March 6-8, starring Ted Neeley as the savior great! Visit www.dpacnc.com for ticket info. Zack Smith

Duo Destruction
The ReservoirThis perfect Saturday night blitz offers a study in efficiency and impact: Headliner The Curtains of Night is Nora Rogers and Lauren Fitzpatrick, a metal duo thatgraphicallycould be represented as a wrecking ball flanked by razor blades. Fitzpatrick’s direct drumming and the thick drone of Rogers’ guitar are the bulky, bludgeoning body, while Fitzpatrick’s syncopated play and Rogers’ slowly sidewinding riffs and nothing-sacred howls stab at the sides. Chapel Hill’s Ruscha makes instrumental two-piece metal that’s thick, strong and distinctive, like too-strong black coffee brewed with bongwater. From D.C., Trophy Wifefeaturing activist and Exotic Fever Records co-founder Katy Ottopits the city’s punk past, rolling drums and wall-of-noise guitars inside an inverted pop-song core. Donate kindly at 10 p.m. Grayson Currin

Colony TheatreThis is one of those films that people either adore or find utterly annoying. Who doesn’t love watching Lone Starr and Dawg rescue the Druish Princess Vespa from President Skroob and Dark Helmet with help from Yogurt and the power of the Schwartz? I mean, you have John Hurt re-enacting his scene from Alien with a parody of Michigan J. Frog in the same scene! You have a Spaceball guard pointing out when they get the Vulcan nerve grip wrong! And the Mega Maid goes from suck to blow and … wow, there are a great number of references here that many, many audience members will not get. Well, we didn’t want you at this screening, anyway. Showtime is 11:55 p.m., and tickets are $5. For more information, visit www.therialto.com. Zack Smith