Chapel Hill
Choreo Collective
Hanes Auditorium, Chapel Hill High SchoolChoreo Collective, the Triangle’s spot for creative modern choreography, brings its annual show to Chapel Hill this weekend. The seven-piece show features new works as well as ones performed in past shows, by choreographers Suzanne Cantwell-Birkin, Blanche Case, Anna Smith Milling, Tanya Olson, Christina Serafino, Jess Shell and Caroline Williford. The richness created by the efforts of so many choreographers is noticeable through the expansive list of themes: lamentation, community, meditation, 1950s women, war, isolation and more. The inspiration for these works came from such different places as the search for a higher being and a response to the call of the country for war. This performance will present a snapshot of their achievement over the years. Tickets are $8. Call 259-4686 for more information. Bruna Zacka

Peter Serkin & N.C. Master Chorale
Meymandi Concert HallThere’s a huge gap between piano music written by Johann Sebastian Bach and piano music written by Igor Stravinsky. One collection was commissioned for church services; the other comes from a man whose pieces sparked at least one riot. On Sunday, Peter Serkin will tackle both composers in a North Carolina Master Chorale performance presented by the North Carolina Symphony. Known for his extensive classical piano repertoire, Serkin has broken away from his forefathers’ footsteps while following in their path, making a name with staunch interpretations of pieces from both the modern and baroque eras. Performances begin at 8 p.m. on Friday and Saturday. Tickets begin at $29. Margaret Hair

Holly Springs
Livingston Taylor
Holly Springs Cultural CenterIf playing Tommie Aaron to his brother James’ Hank in the folk-rock world nags at Livingston Taylor, he’s never shown it: Instead, with grace, laid-back charm, and a pro’s stage command, he’s carried on a 40-year career that’s featured more than a couple home runs, including a pair of fine Jon Landau-produced records. This master class in entertaining starts at 8 p.m., and tickets are $25. Rick Cornell

Improv Bender 4
Common Ground TheatreAnother round of in-your-face spontaneity and hilarity from the masters of the unexpected, Improv Bender 4 hits the ground running this evening with their fourth show. Following a Friday night installment of Transactors’ latest episode of City of Medicine in the same space, tonight’s improv celebration features stand-up acts from three groups of innovators and hit makers: The Breakroom (out of Raleigh’s Comedy Worx) specializes in exploring characters ranging from the mundane to the bizarre; the two-man hyper-think-tank group Superkiiids presents a show of water dancing, rapping queens and obligatory birthday wishes; and local favorites Four String Samurai work the stage with their mind-bending cycles of invention. Grab a seat at 8:30 p.m. for $9, just don’t expect to stay in it. Kathy Justice

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