N.C. Museum of ArtIf you’re one of the lone holdouts who has yet to experience Ellen Page’s sassy-mouthed, pregnant teenage character, then don’t miss this chance to see Juno on the big screen. But don’t expect to find your functional “teenage comedy” neatly packaged into this picture: The brilliance of the Diablo Cody-scripted character is her unerring ability to see society’s hypocrisies and respond with the kind of sass and conviction even the best adults wish for. For those who’ve seen the film, a point to consider: Could it be, as the film recedes into history, that Olivia Thirlby and Michael Cera’s supporting performances will take on more iconic interest? (Would that Cera had played his boyfriend role in Juno as he played “Evan” in Superbad!) For $3 at 8 p.m. Visit ncartmuseum.org for more info. Kathy Justice

Chapel Hill
WXY-Cy Benefit
Local 506Cy Rawls may be known to readers for his role as a sort of super-fan of local music or for playing Glenn Danzig and Nick Cave in a one-off band by tossing on some makeup. But he cut his teeth at WXYC, UNC-Chapel Hill’s college radio station. Rawls’ recent struggle with a brain tumor has circled many wagons in his support: Here, some of his radio colleagues pay tribute, likely spinning a few of his favorites. The lineup begins with Local 506 owner and former XYC Music Director Glenn Boothe, then moves to Tim Ross, Jason Perlmutter, Ethan Clauset and Darren Hunicutt. It’s a measly $5 to get in at 9 p.m., but why not throw some more in? Chris ToenesSee also Sunday listings.

Clyde Edgerton
McIntyre’s Fine BooksWhat happens when a con man meets a Bible salesman and convinces him he’s really with the FBI? That’s the question behind Durham native Clyde Edgerton’s latest comic romp, The Bible Salesman (see our review on page 24), which he’s promoting with a reading at McIntyre’s at 11 a.m., and a subsequent reading at the Regulator Bookshop in Durham at 2 p.m. For more information, call McIntyre’s Fine Books at 542-3030 or the Regulator Bookshop at 286-2700. Zack Smith