Sex, Drugs, Rock & Roll
Common Ground TheatreHere’s a unique way to combine local theater and local bands: Put them on stage together. The new Ghost & Spice production of Eric Bogosian’s 1990 show features 12 monologues from characters at different levels of bottomed-out self-absorptionfrom an artist who keeps his art in his head so “they” won’t know what he’s thinking to a homeless “Bottleman” who aimlessly collects bottles and cans to an executive juggling everyone in his life on his cell phone. As with such other Bogosian productions as Talk Radio and subUrbia, Rock & Roll combines dark satire and extreme language to explore the contradictions found in American lifeor, as Bogosian calls it, “Provocation in the guise of a good time.”

In a special twist, each night of the show will feature a different Triangle area band on stage. Bands scheduled so far are Pneurotics, Roxcetera, Hammer No More the Fingers, Sea Cow, Veronique Diabolique, Lost in the Trees, Veronica Blood and Pink Flag. The production, which is directed by Rus Hames, stars Jeff Alguire, Rus Hames, Tony Hughes and Lormarev Jones. The show opens Sept. 5-6 and runs Sept. 11-13 and 18-20 at 8 p.m. A 7 p.m. presentation happens Sunday, Sept. 14. For more information, visit www.ghostandspice.com. Zack Smith