NCSU’S CALDWELL BASEMENT–Been dying to show off that video of Grandma modeling her swimsuit in the ’40s? How about that video of Christmas in ’72 when the tree caught on fire? Here’s your chance to display those mini-masterpieces of familial bliss or blunders in a public setting. The third Home Movie Day gives anyone and everyone the opportunity to project their family film archives for the enjoyment of the general public. Join the AV Geeks’ show ‘n’ tell at 1 p.m. Bring a film if you want to share or just come and watch. For more info: www.avgeeks.com/hmd.html. –Kathy Justice


N.C. MUSEUM OF ART–A spine-tingling thriller with a monumental impact on audiences everywhere, it’s hard to believe that Hitchcock used a scaled-down budget and a borrowed crew to create this cinematic masterpiece. Yet, even with it’s slimmed-down production ethics, the film still achieved epic status, combining both the tenets of the popular exploitation film and classic French noir to create a visceral mood that left audiences shocked. Although the film has lost some of its impact in the face of the blood-bathed horror flicks of today, it’s still worth watching for its quiet interpretation of the human psyche and the exploitation of our deepest, darkest fears. The flick rolls at 9 p.m., and tickets are $3. –Kathy Justice


EXPLORIS–A percussion group grown out of the Raleigh Drum Circle gatherings, Rhythmicity brings world beats to city streets. Their repertoire includes African and Afro-Cuban drumming styles that the group incorporates into a performance celebrating multiple cultures and world unity through rhythm. Dance to the beat at 2 p.m. for free. –Kathy Justice