COMMON GROUND THEATREBack from San Francisco (see this week’s Theater column), Transactors Improv presents It’s in the Cards as part of Transactors Experimental Theater (TET). At 8 p.m., in this new form, the actors will pick cards to determine their roles. For more info, including dates of their children’s shows, visit www.transactors.org or call 824-0937. Megan Stein

JORDAN LAKEStake out an unusual vantage point for stargazing in the middle of Lake Jordan at Paddling Under the Stars. Frog Hollow Outdoors will provide the canoes and kayaks for this adventure, as an astronomer from Morehead Planetarium navigates. Tickets are $35. Register at 949-4315. Karlie Justus

YANCY’SThe etymology of Zydecopious: Zydeco, of course, is that glorious, dizzying, southwest Louisiana roots music, and copious has cousins in bountiful and plentiful. Zydecopious, aptly named, has a rich Creole sound that’s paired with an eclectic embrace of multiple genres: They cover Peggy Lee, Hank Williams and Little Richard, spinning the legends through Zydeco, putting it alongside traditional two-steps and blues numbers, too. Whether its blues, rock or straight Zydeco on tonight’s menu, these swampy beats are a party. Move your feet at 9 p.m. Kathy Justice