Cast: Catch a Sure Thing

Jordan Lake–A bevy of farm ponds surrounds the Triangle, offering ample respite for children and adults alike as a summer-day fishing hole. But–with weeds shooting up and farmers looking for irrigation this time of year–safe, available farm ponds can be difficult to find. But an Apex program called CAST: Catch a Sure Thing offers fishing lessons to children between ages 6 and 12.The fishing continues through June 24, but reservations are required. To hold your place, call 362-0586.


The Krüger Brothers

The ArtsCenter–Watching The Krüger Brothers–guitarist Uwe, banjo picker Jens and bassist and adopted brother Joel Landsberg–perform together is one of the most satisfying experiences in bluegrass music today. It’s comfortable, watching three guys whose musical connections and experiences run so deep, blaze through standards and originals with some of the circuit’s most lithe, adroit solos. It’s lighthearted, too: The trio have a million stories and several dozen jokes to tell (many from the Krügers’ native Switzerland), and you’ll hear several tonight at 8 p.m. This will be a highlight of the season, for sure.
–Grayson Currin