• Photo by D.L. Anderson

In 1980, only a few could foresee how the desktop computer and the cell phone would transform the communications industry. (Believe me, newspaper owners missed it by a mile.) Today, the new technologies are electric — vehicle batteries, controllers, solar panels, wind turbines, and a smart-grid system capable of integrating them, much like the cell towers do for phones. Put them together, and they promise to transform the transportation industry over the next 20-30 years and wean us, finally, from our addiction to (imported, expensive) petroleum.

That was the gist of the stories I wrote a week ago in the Indyyou can read them here. Now our very talented photographer-videographer Derek Anderson has produced a short program with NCSU’s Ewan Pritchard, who was featured in the first of those three stories. It’s called “The Future is Electric” — and in this case, seeing is believing:

The Future Is Electric from Independent Weekly on Vimeo.