Americans for Prosperity (, which calls itself “a nationwide organization of citizen leaders committed to advancing every individual’s right to economic freedom and opportunity,” came up with these questions for Gov. Mike Easley about the scandal surrounding the N.C. Lottery:

  • When you signed the lottery bill into law, did you know at that time that it had been written by lobbyists for
  • Knowing the relationship between your campaign consultant Jay Reiff and Kevin Geddings, does Reiff have any ties to Scientific Games or G-Tech?
  • Is Saul Shorr, the media consultant who produced PSA ads for you while you were Attorney General and your campaign ads in 2000 and 2004, bidding for the state contract to produce TV ads for the N.C. Lottery?
  • Have you been asked to provide any information regarding the lottery scandal to the FBI, SBI, N.C. Secretary of State, N.C. Attorney General or U.S. Attorney?
  • Have you ever had a meeting or dinner with Meredith Norris or Kevin Geddings or both to discuss a lottery for North Carolina? If so, approximately how many meetings took place, who attended the meetings and when did the meetings occur?
  • Did the topic of Scientific Games ever come up during your lottery discussions with House Speaker Jim Black?