Since March, first Sundays in Raleigh have meant helmets, wheels and mad wipeouts from crazy skates like Charla Maim, Violet Femme and Penelope Bruz of the Trauma Queens going after Busty O’ Lipp, Julie Jawbreaker and Zella Lugosi of the Debutante Brawlers. The Brawlers won the first championship, but the Queens are back to make the Debs kneel at their throne. But it’s good enough to have the Carolina Rollergirls back at all: Anybody who supposed it was a quick-fade should say hello to Bout Two of Season Two at The Skate Ranch in Raleigh on Sunday, Nov. 6 and wish them well on their first inter-league bout on Nov. 17 in Minnesota. Reppin’ N.C. in skirts and skates, eh? Roll on, eight wheelers. For ticket locations, see