When Steve Earle steps onto the stage Saturday night at the North Carolina Museum of Art, he’ll be preaching largely to an empathetic liberal audience in a Southern capital. Even those conservatives that like Earle’s major-chord acoustics, husky voice and blunt imagery have a hard time reconciling their love of country-based rock with his politics and philosophy. But, to wit, how perfect would it be to see a neo-con subscriber singing along to “Condi, Condi,” “F the CC” or “John Walker’s Blues,” too caught up in the movement of something to decipher any real meaning. Earle knows that to err is to be human and that to repent is to deal with that essence; but to err consciously, to not repent and to chastise those that request your repentance–well, there must be a politician in the room. Steve Earle embodies most everything that has ever been American and good. Allison Moorer opens. The show starts at 8 p.m., and tickets are $15.