Woofers. Tracks. Tweaters. While it may sound like the scene of your last bash, the sound systems you will hear are for display only. NYC’s Barnstormers present Hive Mind Sound System (pictured), on exhibition from Aug. 1-31 at LUMP Gallery/Projects in downtown Raleigh. The gallery will be packed with customized sound systems made with paint, recycled wood, and found objects. If systems aren’t your fancy, then show up to hear the tunes pumping from the system, a mix of the artists’ favorite music, or check out Barnstormers’ collection of collaborative films, drawings, and prints. Gallery hours are Saturday and Sunday from 1-5 p.m. and by appointment. For more info on this exhibit, call the gallery at 821-9999, visit www.lumpgallery.com or visit Barnstormers’ Web site, www.b-stormers.com.