Following is a directory of some 340 bands, solo acts, ensembles and other musical endeavors. Putting together this annual directory is always a tough task, but it’s also a yearly reminder that every night of every week hundreds of people all over the Triangle get together to play music.

Over the past year more than half of these groups and individuals have put out a recording of some sort or another. Some of those recordings didn’t surface outside of a given school, gospel circuit or group of friends. Some got played on local radio, showed up in record stores or went up on the net for downloading.

The point of all this is that there is a heck of a lot of music being made out there. It’s good to remember that this is no blip, no recent phenomenon. There is a strong musical tradition here. It’s hard to say how old it is or when it began, but it’s safe to say the roots are deep. Each band, each musician that comes along contributes to that tradition. That’s why last year we started this guide. We wanted to chronicle who’s out there and what they’re up to musically.

This year, we’re taking it a step further. On Oct. 2 in Carrboro, we’re hosting a showcase where we’ll present our first Indy Music Awards. More than just a way of tipping our hat to the Triangle’s top bands and recognizing great songs and albums of the past year, we’re trying to create a lasting and useful archive of local music.

Talking about the project with local musicians, music historians and people who have followed our music community over the years, we realized that there is so much that’s already faded with time. To help us reclaim some of our recent music history, artists, musicians and a group of volunteer curators have worked with the Town of Carrboro to create a Sounds Local exhibit that will feature posters, instruments and memorabilia in various galleries and public spaces around town.

In the coming weeks look for ballots and more detailed information on our awards, the art show and special events in conjunction with the Indy Music Awards. You can also check our music awards Web site for information and schedules.

Thanks to all the musicians who sent in materials. Late additions, updates and other information will be posted to our Web version of the guide. Links are at and