Metalcore Night

Volume 11 TavernThe night’s two touring acts, Arescyn and The Murder & the Harlot, make metalcore as they are solving a math problem: They follow the rules and reach the end stiffly and predictably. Locals Buried in Riches sound a bit tougher, and if you’re looking for pure entertainment, perhaps Raleigh quintet A Plot to Plague the Masseswho insert pig squeals between Abominable Cookie Monster verseswill introduce their songs by name. With titles like “Let’s Go Slut Hunting,” “Clubscene in a Coldasack,” and “The Outcome of Girls Gone Wild (Tittys),” these bros should be doing open mics at Goodnight’s instead.See www.volume11taverncom. for showtime and cover charge. Grayson Currin