La Leche League Benefit
The Pour HouseIn 1956, the percentage of breastfeeding mothers dipped to a new low of about 20 percent. Seven Chicago women took action, organizing a grassroots movement that began with guest lectures in high school halls and, less than two decades later, recruited the princess of Monaco to speak on its behalf. The successes and influence of La Leche League International have been impressive. Indeed, after five decades of awareness-boosting advocacy, the percentage of U.S. mothers breastfeeding hit 75 percent last year, a record high. Tonight, Hearts & Daggersa hard-line Cash Country bandleads this benefit for Raleigh’s chapter of LLLI, with bluegrass veteran Hank Smith bringing some friends along in the opening slot. Bring the kids, too, as the Papo Kids Extravaganza will also be on hand. The early show starts at 4 p.m. and costs $10. For more, see www.llli.org. Grayson Currin

Chapel Hill
Sunfold, Lafcadio
Local 506The flagship acts of two new local imprints, Terpikshore’s Sunfold and Vinyl Records’ Lafcadio, offer an intriguing glimpse at the variability of the area’s upstarts: Sunfold (four Annuals and a keyboardist) aims for triumph with instrumental complexity and swollen refrains, Kenny Florence’s coming-of-age longings projected onto a DayGlo screen. Lafcadio’s own wistfulness, though, jangles through simplicity, dispersing country duets and solo laments above a casual, pick-up-band backdrop. Burroughs opens at 9 p.m. for $8. Grayson Currin