Ghostface Killah’s Wizard of Poetry Tour

Cat’s CradleWhen asked about his new R&B-oriented album, Ghostdini: The Wizard of Poetry, several months ago, Wu-Tang Clan’s majesty, Ghostface Killah, expressed that he’d always had the idea to make an album dedicated to love, breakups and relationships. Instead, he always gave fans what they wantednon sequiturs, crime tales and a stream of neon rap-lines. But with this LP being his last one on Def Jam Recordings, Ghostface decided to end it his way. “I’m not into it for my fan base right now,” said Ghostface.

There’s plenty of reasons to believe that he was referring to his male fan base when he said that. Ladies, whether you’re the loose juice of your crew who prefer Ghostface’s porn instructional “Stapleton Sex” or you’re the conservative romantic hunting for holy matrimony who prefers songs like “Baby” or “Forever,” you’re all invited to Ghostdini‘s recumbent affair. Get ready for sexy.

If you must drag your man out, he might dig a new kid out of central California, Fashawn, who’s opening for Ghostface. Word on the blog-paved streets is that he’s the West Coast’s version of the second coming of Nas. Fashawn’s upcoming debut, Boy Meets World, is entirely produced by LA’s Exile, and it could toss him to the ranks of hip-hop’s vanguard. Tonight, you’ll have to hear for yourself. Tickets for the 9:30 p.m. show are $16-$18. See Eric Tullis