Leadfoot, Richard Bacchus & the Luckiest Girls, Bleeding Hearts, Bad Checks

The Pour HouseYou’ve stumbled down the wrong alley, interrupting a posse of not-ready-for-wine-bar rockers who hang on to the rock like a crack addict. You just know your ass is kicked, and you’ll love every second of this full-on rager. Bad Checks offer their annual performance of chunky garage-abilly grime. The Bleeding Hearts resize Cheap Trick’s power chord paeans for the barroom with appropriate drunken swagger, while ex-D Generation guitarist Richard Bacchus blitzes old school punk like a Stooge who enjoys playing with (New York) Dolls. Leadfoot closes the evening with flash-fried rawk for headbanging and cold staring. An $8 bargain at 7 p.m. See www.the-pour-house.com for more info. Chris Parker