El Greco to Velázquez
Nasher Museum of Art at Duke UniversityThis is the closing weekend of the Nasher’s blockbuster show of art from the Spanish Golden Age of Philip III, meaning the first two decades of the 17th century. Museum hours have been extended to midnight on both Saturday, Nov. 8 and today. For tickets, call 660-1701 or visit www.nasher.duke.edu. For our review of the show, see “Exhilaration, anxiety and a Golden Age at the Nasher.”

James McMurtry
Cat’s CradleJames McMurtry’s sound is a beat-up truck four-wheeling through a bog of mud. The Austin-based singer-songwriter plays humid rock that brings up images of blue-collar Southern life. Hypnotic guitar solos, dirty twang and an incessant beat pull songs through the thick, but the lyrics are the gun rack on McMurtry’s truck. For instance, on “Cheney’s Toy,” from his latest album, Just Us Kids, he asks President Bush “Ain’t you grand/ when the guns are blazin’?/ Bring ’em on/ Cheney’s toy.” The result of this year’s election will determine just how pissed off the show is. The Dedringers bluesy rock, with ’60s melodies showing in the rear view mirror, opens. Pay $15 at 8:30 p.m. Andrew Ritchey