Duke GardensOn “Hooves,” Bowerbirds frontman Phil Moore pines, “You’re the kindling stick that burns below my heart/ You’re the memory now that lives across the world.” Such sentiment might as well reflect the Bowerbirds relation to music: Playing ethereal love songs and lullabies for adults, Bowerbirds demonstrates the efficacy of spare arrangements with guitar, accordion, violin and voices. Earthen imagery grounds the songs in this world. Simple and soaring lyrics search for a higher truth. Lilting melodies turn listening to the Bowerbirds into a quest for solace in a whirlwind world. The Birds plays as part of Duke Garden’s Summer Series and in celebration of the recent expanded issue of last year’s debut, Hymns for a Dark Horse [Full disclosure: originally released on Indy music editor Grayson Currin’s label]. The music starts at 7 p.m. and costs $5-$10. Andrew Ritchey