N.C. MUSEUM OF ARTThe Egyptians’ love affair with death continues to pique our curiosity. Our culture is fascinated by their burial rituals, elaborate tombs and the artifacts enclosed in them. Don’t miss Temples and Tombs, opening today. The exhibit includes 85 artifacts from the British Museum’s world-renowned Egyptian collection. For more information, visit www.ncartmuseum.org/templesandtombs or call 839-6262. Megan Stein

HIDEAWAY BBQA Brooklyn quintet that sounds like Califone channeling late ’90s Wilco, Phonograph’s self-titled debut blends a dollop of electronics and spacey synth with lavishly melodic country-folk. At times they sound like an artier, East Coast take on Beachwood Sparks, thanks both to frontman Matthew Welsh’s nasal, (Lou) Reed-y croon, and an underlying aesthetic that seems as interested in texture as melody. Highlights include the hypnotic “Parsons White,” whose arid, psych throb suggests Dream Syndicate. Tickets are $8 for the 8:30 p.m. show. Chris Parker

DIVAN CULTURAL CENTERThe Divan Cultural Center, located at 1393 S.E. Maynard Road, presents their second Traditional Turkish Food Festival, a chance to learn about Turkish culture and history and a chance to meet new people. For more info, call 386-3464 or visit www.divannc.org. Iesha Brown