QUAIL RIDGE BOOKS–UNC professors Christopher Davis and Michael White unite for this split poetry reading, Davis reading from his personal A History of the Only War. Laura Mullen describes Davis as having “invited us into the science of the real, modeling for us there an unflinching, embrace of the monstrous, difficult beauty all around us.” White will read on the heels of his Vassar Miller Prize in Poetry win.


BICKETT GALLERY–Those lucky enough to have lived in Asheville can attest to the primacy of mountain music in the culture, with dulcimers, banjos, Friday night shindigs and an annual music festival. Those of a certain age will remember Bascom Lamar Lunceford, who once was improbably linked to Johnny Rotten by nutjob cultural theorist Greil Marcus. Rank Strangers captures a slice of that culturein the form of weekly hillbilly jam sessions in the home of one Mrs. Hyatt. These Orpahouse sessions include renditions of Carter and Haggard numbers. See it at 4 and 8 p.m. for $8. –David Fellerath