Hawaiian Kine Band
N.C. Museum of HistoryFrom Mexican cowboys to Portuguese explorers, the Hawaiian islands have played home to a variety of cultures and their itinerant voices, instruments and rhythms. Distilling this multitude of sounds is a slow process, but Charlotte’s Hawaiian Kine Band seems to have mastered this time-cured sound from afar. Lend an ear as this three-man band works lap steel, acoustic, bass and ukulele into the sounds of the islands’ past. Part of PineCone’s excellent Music of For free at 3 p.m. Kathy Justice

Geraldine Brooks
The Regulator BookshopCovering five centuries of history, Geraldine Brooks’ newest novel, People of the Book, is an expansive, fictional look at the journey of the Sarajevo Haggadahthe treasured illustrated manuscript that covers the Jewish exodus from Eygpt. Winner of the 2006 Pulitzer Prize for her book March, the Australian-born Brooks will be at the Regulator at 3 p.m. today to read from and sign copies of People of the Book. This follows her 7 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 12, visit to Quail Ridge Books in Raleigh. See page 28 for a review of People of the Book. For more info, visit www.regbook.com or call 286-2700. Megan Stein