Ivan Neville’s Dumpsta Phunck

Lincoln Theatre–Overflowing with musical history and carrying a city’s still-heavy heart, the name Neville can be a load to bear. As the son of Aaron Neville (and the nephew of Art, Charles and Cyril), Ivan found himself as the leader of the next generation of New Orleans’ first family of funk, getting his start playing in the Neville Brothers as a teen. Neville may live in the other L.A. these days, but his involvement in the New Orleans Social Club project shows his continued commitment to his birth city. And true to its name, his all-star outfit (including cousin Ian on guitar) remains true to Crescent City phunk. The show starts at 8 p.m. Tickets are $12-15. –Rick Cornell

The Free School of New Orleans

Kings–In its Second Sunday Documentary Film Series, the Raleigh-based collective Fight Big Media turns its attention to a radical tradition in the Crescent City. The Free School tells the story of an educational initiative from the 1960s. Founded by self-described hippies, the New Orleans Free School sought to break the molds of conventional pedagogy. It’s preceded by local TV show Independent Voices at 6 p.m., and there’s free admission and food. For more info, write collectivereform@riseup.net. –David Fellerath

Carolina Rollergirls

Raleigh Skate Ranch–This is the rolling debut for the Tai Chi-Tahs, as they battle it out against the Trauma Queens. Take your mother to the second game of this new season. Tickets are $5-10, and the girls get rolling at 6 p.m. Visit www.carolinarollergirls.com for details.