This Thursday through Sunday, Feb. 22-25, Durham’s Carolina Theatre will host a variety of Jewish short films, features and guest speakers, ranging from Bruce Wagner’s I’m Losing You and From Swastika to Jim Crow to the current Israeli feature film Yana’s Friends. Sunday’s “Jewish Musical Experience” features six bands, ranging from sacred to klezmer. Left Luggage, a 1998 film from the Netherlands, will show throughout the festival. Set in Belgium in the early ’70s, the film follows Chaja, a teenage girl with parents who are both Holocaust survivors. Maximilian Schell stars as Chaja’s father, a man whose obsessive search for two suitcases–they contain heirlooms of his pre-death-camp life–keep him busy digging rather than facing his past. Out of necessity, Chaja takes on a job as nanny to three children in a family of orthodox Jews, including a 4-year-old who refuses to speak (Isabella Rossellini plays the boy’s mother). In her attempts to reach the child, Chaja comes to understand both her parents’ legacy and her own cultural heritage. See “Special Showings” for details.