Chapel Hill
Jason Webley
Local 506O’ ye tired, hungry, poor, sick Avett Brothers fans who didn’t land tickets to the band’s December five-night, home state stand: Though the Avetts won’t be in town tonight, Jason Webley, the Seattle songwriter who opened those shows, will be. Like his Tar Heel hosts, Webley’s eclectic approach to Americana is his chief strength. His bustling accordion tunes boast the gypsy flair of Devotchka, while more sedate numbers aim for guitar sulk with a sheepish grin. Pay particular attention to “Almost Time to Go,” a beautiful coming-and-going-of-age tune that reflects upon the impressions others leave on your skin and soul. Our own Billy Sugarfix opens this free start to your year. Grayson Currin

Book Sale
Books Do Furnish a RoomOn New Year’s Day, a few open businesses offer a few sales, and one I make an annual tradition of attending is Books Do Furnish a Room. Located at 1809 W. Markham Ave. near Ninth Street, the shop offers an astonishing array of obscure used books, comics, records and other cultural artifacts. Every year, I wind up finding something I’d long since given up looking for or had no idea existed. From a set of E.E. “Doc” Smith’s “Lensman” novels to Ross MacDonald’s Lew Archer mysteries to magnificent collections of old pulp magazine reprints (including a hilarious line of pulp cover postcards), the Books Do Furnish a Room sale is a perfect excuse to add to that list of books you mean to read in 2009. The sale begins today and continues through Saturday, Jan. 3. For more information, including driving directions, visit Zack Smith