Chapel Hill
Dex Romweber, Stu Cole
The CaveMusic may never do right by Dexter Romweber like he’s done by it. He pours heart and soul into that fickle bitch, wrapping her in old-school, six-string plumage of richly hued county, blues and rockabilly shadowed by the legendary Sun Studios. His vibrant baritone croon is not beyond the occasionally throaty rock sneer, but generally wavers by the music’s side, gracefully restraining the emotion that seeps from his fingers. Here’s hoping his forthcoming album with his sister Sara, and guest turns by Cat Power, Neko Case and Rick Miller, affords him his proper due. Romweber’s joined by former Squirrel Nut Zipper bassist/ man-about-town Stu Cole. Pay $5 at 10 p.m. Chris Parker

AV Geeks: “How to Be a Proud American (Again)”
Center for Documentary StudiesWas I the only one afraid to watch Obama’s inauguration for fear of an assassination or terrorist attack? Yes, the American Dream has gotten a mite muddled lately, to the point that it’s hard to even believe in the idea of idealism. What to do? Why, watch some instructional films, of course!

AV Geeks have dusted off those old filmstrips that told grade-schoolers how to live their lives. It’s “How to Be a Proud American (Again),” a collection of 16 mm films that “remind us how to be good citizens and how our contributions can make the country great.” Some of the films include Patriotism and Are You a Good Citizen? Well, are you? Tonight at 7 p.m. you owe it to yourself to find out. Visit Zack Smith