Titans vs. Lions
On your televisionIt would have been so perfectthe Tennessee Titans versus the Detroit Lions on Thanksgiving Day, the unlikely unbeaten versus the league’s perennial sad sack, a grand contest between opposites and a reason to ignore annoying family members. Unfortunately, the storyline isn’t perfect anymore. Don’t blame the Lions, though: They are 0-11 and last weekend, they added to their ignominy, blowing an early lead for a typically disheartening loss to the Buccaneers. They’ve notched but one victory in their last 19 games and haven’t won a playoff game since the Kennedy administration. And yet despite continuing to set new standards for futility, they appear each year on television for the NFL’s Thanksgiving showcase.

The previously unbeaten Titans, however, failed to hold up its end, losing to the New York Jets and ruining the only good story of this year’s slate of Turkey Day games. Watch if you must, but ease up on the first course. This one is bound to turn a few stomachs. Kickoff is 12:30 p.m. today on CBS. Vernal Coleman

Vegetarian Thanksgiving
Café ParizadeNow in its 10th year at Café Parizade, the Triangle Vegetarian Society hosts its phenomenally popular vegetarian and vegan feast. However, it’s possible that no amount of money will get you a seat: Earlier this week, the event sold out. Visit to see if you can get on the wait list. David Fellerath