Proof, Whatever Brains

Slim’sThe lineage of Raleigh’s current rock riches (and if you argue their existence, you’re only fooling yourself) links largely to Kings Barcade, the McDowell Street space that fell to a wrecking crew in 2007. A not-to-be-neglected anchor for that space was Pidgeon English Records and its cartelthe still-great Bellafea, Rosebuds and Loners, as well as a crop we don’t hear from often, if at all, like Utah!, The Greatest Hits and Proof. Proof’s single self-titled album, released on Pidgeon English in 2003, was a mathematical brood, full of dark tones and paradoxically agile heaviness. The band is now a quartet featuring Jeramy Lowe, back then of The Greatest Hits and now of the quite funny washeduphipster.com. The four members of Whatever Brains spent their share of time in the audience and onstage at Kings, and these days they’re one of Raleigh’s besta primo garage pop blast led by attitude and acumen with hooks. Pay $3 at 9 p.m. See www.myspace.com/slimsdowntownraleigh. Grayson Currin