Holiday movies

Your local movie theaterIf you’ve been good, virtuous and well-organized, you’ve finished your holiday shopping by now and are spending quality time with your loved ones. What to do with all those in-laws and their obnoxious kids but see a movie? There’s a variety of intriguing titles opening this week: A couple debuted in the Triangle yesterday, and a couple open tomorrow. Check our film calendar.

One of the Wednesday openings is what is increasingly looking like the consensus critics’ darling, Jason Reitman’s Up in the Air. George Clooney is getting raves as a traveling corporate hatchet man, but we hear Vera Farmiga is a knockout, too. Read Neil Morris’ review. Rated R.

Sherlock Holmes: The fact that director Guy Ritchie (Snatch) dons Arthur Conan Doyle’s beloved character with a fedora instead of a deerstalker is proof that Ritchie is a smart man: He won’t allow a horrible fashion catastrophe to foil box office success. Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law star as the title character and his dear Watson, respectively. Rated PG-13.

It’s Complicated: Meryl Streep teams with Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin for this rom-com directed by Nancy Meyers (The Holiday, Something’s Gotta Give). Smile, for wealthy, well-heeled and desirable middle-aged women rule the roost here. Read Laura Boyes’ review. Rated R.

Alvin and the Chipmunks: The SqueakQuel: The world’s only talking and singing chipmunks are back for their first-ever “squeakquel,” and this time they have a rival female group, The Chipettes, to deal with. Cue the sound of adults running from the theater screaming. Rated PG.

The Young Victoria: Bet you didn’t know Queen Victoria was once a hottie with enormous eyes like Emily Blunt’s. Rupert Friend is Prince Albert in this dramatization of the first years of the queen’s rule. Read Neil Morris’ review. Rated PG.

Nine: From the director of Chicago, Nine is a film adaptation of the Tony Award-winning musical that riffs on Federico Fellini’s classic . Be prepared for numerous song-and-dance routines performed by the art house A-list: Daniel Day-Lewis, Nicole Kidman, Penelope Cruz and Marion Cotillard. Rated PG-13. Belem Destefani